Video Transcript

Brandi: As a competitor, Dr. Szigethy, I've been coached to move past obstacles, to find solutions, to just go for it sometimes, but I'm finding with Jayden and his Crohn's disease that sometimes I have to listen more, I have to watch what he's doing. Not only is my son adjusting to what he now needs, our family is also adjusting to what we can do to help him. How do we help him now stay motivated?

Dr. Szigethy: I think that's a great question for Jayden and all people with inflammatory bowel disease. And the first starting point is really making sure that you're working with a gastroenterologist on a treatment plan to control the symptoms of the disease. In terms of staying motivated, I think it's so important to keep focused on what your life goals are. It's important to break those into small steps and to recognize that sometimes because of the disease or disease activity you might have to take some detours or some timeouts. But that, if you can break down your goals into steps and keep working away at them, it can help build confidence, it can help you really feel positive and feel like you have control over aspects of your disease.

Brandi: This sounds like soccer to me. It sounds like, you know, having a game plan for, you know, your physical activity or a team sport is the same with dealing with inflammatory bowel disease. You know, you have to have thoughtful pregame management, you have to have – maybe your game plan will change midstream because maybe you're feeling better or not feeling better. You have to have people around you that are going to support you and then you're all working towards a common goal, so it's right up my alley I think.

Dr. Szigethy: That's wonderful. And having flexibility in your game plan is key. Knowing yourself, knowing your body, if you're having symptoms, making sure that you're working with your gastroenterologist to adjust your treatment plan. And then there are some other things that you can take control of. One aspect of control is sleep.

Brandi: Underrated.

Dr. Szigethy: Underrated. Getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night is recommended for most adults. In addition to that, staying on schedule, creating a relaxation routine, not drinking caffeinated beverages at night, these are all ways to ensure that rest that will help you stay motivated and energized.

Having a game plan is important. People living with IBD can explore this website for additional tips and tools.