Want to learn about ulcerative colitis? We’re here to help.

With ulcerative colitis (UC), you may have questions like “How can I help my symptoms?” Or “What healthy lifestyle practices can I incorporate?” Well, your UC Companion is here to help.

Let’s start with the big picture.

The inside story of UC

It begins with inflammation

Simply put, inflammation can be contributing to your ulcerative colitis symptoms. Working with your doctor can help you learn more about inflammation and how to best manage it.

Be proactive about treatment

One important step in addressing ulcerative colitis is talking to a gastroenterologist about a treatment plan that can work for you.

Prepare for your appointment

Our Gastroenterologist Discussion Guide can help. It includes questions and topics to help you prepare to talk to your gastroenterologist about your symptoms and find a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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