Living With Crohn’s Disease

Living with Crohn’s disease could mean you often wonder when your next flare-upThe sudden intensification of disease symptoms or the return of symptoms suddenly. might hit, what you’re able to eat, and more. But speaking up for yourself, knowing your rights, and having as much information as possible can make a difference in the kind of care and support you receive—and how successful you are in living with Crohn’s disease. Learn how you can be your own best advocate—and how to find the help you need to make things easier.

Daily life with Crohn’s disease

Managing Crohn’s disease takes more than just medical treatment. You also need a support system and effective ways of dealing with everyday situations. Read on for ways to manage daily life.

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Crohn’s flare-ups

As someone with Crohn’s, you may be all too familiar with flare-ups and the toll they can take. Although Crohn’s disease varies from person to person, it makes sense to know some things you can do to help minimize the active periods and achieve remission.

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Crohn’s nutrition & exercise

Figuring out what foods may aggravate your symptoms during a flare-up can be a challenge. It's important to remember that inflammation causes symptoms, not something you ate.

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Learn About Crohn’s Disease

To get the facts about Crohn’s, here’s where to start.

Understanding Crohn’s

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