Sometimes surgery may
be considered.

In some people with ulcerative colitis, medical therapy is not completely successful and complications occur that may suggest surgery.

Speak with your gastroenterologist to understand more about the need for surgical procedures.

Learn about the available surgical procedures for ulcerative colitis.

Depending on a number of factors, including the extent of the disease and your age and overall health, 1 of 2 surgical approaches may be recommended:

The first involves the removal of the entire colon and rectum, with the creation of an ileostomy, or opening in the abdomen through which solid waste is emptied into a pouch.

The other procedure calls for the removal of the colon, but it avoids an ileostomy by creating an internal pouch from the small bowel to the anal area.

Once the colon is removed, UC is considered cured.

Both operations mentioned above involve the removal of the colon. Unlike Crohn’s disease, which can recur after surgery, UC is considered cured once the colon is removed. However, other symptoms may still exist.

Did you know?

25% to 30% of people with
UC may consider surgery.

Surgery is sometimes a consideration when medical therapy is not completely successful.1