Tools and Tips You Can Take With You

Get Your Restroom Access Card*
Take support with you for peace of mind. Discreetly inform others of your Crohn's or UC and request access to restricted restrooms when experiencing symptoms. Plus, get even more helpful info sent to you.

*Eligibility restricted to patients diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Available as a card and mobile wallet version for your phone.

Need to Find a Gastroenterologist Near You?
Use our locator to find a doctor who specializes in Crohn’s disease and UC.

Ready for More Productive Doctor Visits?
Answer questions about your symptoms and how they affect you with the Doctor Discussion Guide—then bring it to your next appointment.

Educational Experiences and Resources

Understand inflammation

Take a look inside the body to understand how inflammation affects your symptoms.

Basic facts about Crohn's or UC

Get a general overview of Crohn's disease or UC, all on one page.

Make your personal action plan

Find out how much time your disease is impacting your life. Answer 5 quick questions to get 3 personalized, actionable steps.


Words have power. Arm yourself.

Learn inflammatory bowel disease terminology to better understand your condition.

The AbbVie Immunology Scholarship

Learn about this opportunity for people with IBD.

Are you looking for a doctor?

Search for a doctor in your area who specializes in IBD.