Crohn’s & Colitis Advocate Program

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By registering now for the Crohn’s & Colitis Advocate Program, you’ll be assigned your very own personal Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis advocate to help you every step of the way.

Communicating one-to-one with your advocate will provide you with personalized support unique to your needs, including:

  • Educational information about Crohn’s or UC
  • Information about resources available to people with Crohn’s or UC
  • Advice on how to make the most of your time with your gastroenterologist

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To experience the full benefits of this program, we encourage you to choose the "Phone" option as your preferred method of communication.

Your advocate will call you soon to offer information, educational support, and more. Advocates cannot provide medical advice and are not intended to replace your relationship with your health care provider. The Crohn’s & Colitis Advocate Program is only available to U.S. residents. You must be 18 or older to sign up.

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